3 Work / Life Tips For Entrepreneurs

When you choose to become an entrepreneur, you never think about the difficulties that tend to come with such a feat. You don’t imagine yourself running around from meeting to meeting, answering emails by phone while on the train, staying up to the wee hours of the morning, forgetting to eat, pay bills, or do laundry. We focus on the “endless” free time, the power suit, the business cards that read Founder and CEO. We become blinded by the elite status of being a young, up and coming mover and shaker. Working for yourself sounds enticing, but when you get down to it the work, at times, can be very unsexy. But the truth is, building something from the ground up can be transformational, your life will never be the same.

Here are three examples of changes I made in my life, in order to simplify and create a healthy coexistence between work and home.

  1. Take time to be alone
  2. Create a designated personal day
  3. Create boundaries

Via Casey Johnson-Aksoy